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4 CH Security System + 4 Bullet cameras CB6002IR

4 CH Security System + 4 Bullet cameras CB6002IR

Item ID: DVR-4500P-6002-4
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This DVR includes 4 color cameras CB6002IR and a network connection for remote viewing. This system Records 720 x 480 / 240 Fps resolution and provides an excellent software environment with "REAL TIME" Full D1 Recording.

Easy connection, UpnP with high speed internet communication from other systems that allow remote observation and recording wherever you are. This system is compatible with Windows computers (CMS Software and Internet Browsers), as well as smart phones such as iPhone and Android.

The system includes a remote controller, mouse, VGA/BNC/HDMI video output, software and USB backup and is the perfect solution for any commercial or residential application.

NOTE: DVR's DO NOT INCLUDE HARD DRIVES BY DEFAULT, please select the Hard drive of your choice.

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