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4CH Port Power Over Ethernet Cat5 Cat6 PoE Switch for POE IP Cameras

4CH Port Power Over Ethernet Cat5 Cat6 PoE Switch for POE IP Cameras

Item ID: BA-404POE
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Power-over-Ethernet uses your LAN to send power via the network cable to whatever device you have connected at the other end, saving you the hassle of plugging the device in to both the network and to power and having to run two cables. PoE lets you centralize your power supplies.

Installations occasionally involve trimming back part of a LAN cable, separating out the relevant pairs of cable, cutting them, and soldering on a power socket so you can connect a plug-pack. That works fine, but it's ugly, fiddly, and takes time. Our 4-Channel Power-over-Ethernet switch is the solution! Just unplug your LAN cables from your switch and run LAN cables from your switch to the IP device of your choice. Done! No soldering required.

The BA-404POE is an IP camera PoE switch that provides 4 ports of Power over Ethernet, 1 up-link Ethernet port and one up-link optical port (100Mbps). Unlike most 4 port PoE switches, the BA-404POE gives the installer a 5th port to connect your router/DVR so that you do not waste a PoE enabled port for this. This network switch includes a power supply that accepts 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input. During our testing phase, ProVisual has found that this POE injector works with all of the POE IP cameras that we stock and also works with any network PoE camera on the market that uses 12V DC. This device complies with the IEEE 802.3af standard and works with all types of PoE devices.

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