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4CH Vehicle Mobile Security DVR 2.5" HDD Audio GPS

4CH Vehicle Mobile Security DVR 2.5" HDD Audio GPS

Item ID: DVRM-7004
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ProVisual's DVRM-7004 is a cost-effective mobile DVR equipment which is designed for on-board video monitoring.

It uses the rapid handling device and embedded Linux platform, combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression technology, network technology and GPS technology.

With a 2.5" Hard Disk Drive as a storage, the DVRM-7004 can realize many functions such as audio-video recording, vehicle's driving information recording and GPS location.

With the central control software, it can realize the playback analysis.

With simple and modern appearance features, DVRM-7004 is vibration-proof, installation-friendly, has powerful functions and stable performances, and can be applied to buses, taxis, trucks and public transportation's for surveillance.

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