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8 Channel Hybrid DVR Recorder AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP 1080P High Definition Plug & Play

8 Channel Hybrid DVR Recorder AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP 1080P High Definition Plug & Play

Item ID: DVR801-ATIP-S
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This DVR801-ATIP-S is a 8 Channel 1080p high definition DVR with the ability to connect analog and IP cameras simultaneously, which adopts the standard H.264 high profile compression format to ensure high definition recording in each channel with outstanding robustness of the system.

The 8 channel ProVisual "S" series DVR includes 8 CH video/audio input, supports simultaneous 8 channel playback and additionally it accepts 1 IP HD camera (720p/960p/1080p).

Like not other brands in the market, ProVisual S-Series DVR can accept 1 extra IP camera besides the 8 analog channels, making the 8 channel DVR a full solution for 9 cameras recording in High Definition.

ProVisual 1080p DVRs can meet different security requirements of home, financial, commerce, enterprise, transportation and government, etc.

Easy auto-setup (Plug & Play), allows any user to connect the DVR to internet by QR code scanning in few seconds without the need to configure the local network and router.

This S-Series DVR includes a free NVMS-1000 program for live monitoring, video recording and archive. The NVMS software supports up to 100 cameras in one screen or up to 2000 cameras in multiple screens mode.

The 1080p high definition DVR can be monitored from a smart mobile trough it's free app "SuperLive Plus". This is an advanced application for live view, remote playback, local & remote setting, local record & playback, etc.

ProVisual S-Series DVR & NVR
ProVisual S-Series NVMS-1000 Live Screen Interface
ProVisual S-Series Mobile Application Screen

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