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8 Channel Port GIGABIT PoE Cat5 Cat6 Switch for POE IP Cameras

8 Channel Port GIGABIT PoE Cat5 Cat6 Switch for POE IP Cameras

Item ID: BA-408POE-G
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The BA-408POE-G is a FULL GIGABIT PoE switch that provides 8 ports of Power over Ethernet for gigabit ethernet access and PoE applications.

Power-over-Ethernet uses your LAN to send power via the network cable to whatever device you have connected at the other end, saving you the hassle of plugging the device into both the network and to power and having to run two cables.

Our 8-Channel full gigabit Power-over-Ethernet switch provides eight downlink ports, one gigabit uplink port and one gigabit optical SFP module slot.
The eight downlink ports support 802.3af/at standard and feature max. 30W PoE power output of single port.
This gigabit switch also supports one-key VLAN, which isolates the communication between downlink and uplink ports.

Unlike most 8 port PoE switches, the BA-408POE-G gives the installer a 9th port to connect your router/DVR so that you do not waste a PoE enabled port for this.
This network switch includes a power supply that accepts 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input.
This device complies with the IEEE 802.3af standard and works with all types of PoE devices.

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