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960H FAQs

What is 960H?

960H is a new standard for security cameras and security DVR's that provide high resolution images using advanced image sensors. Security cameras capable of 960H produce an image that is 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels large (960x480).

What are the benefits of 960H?

  • Higher Resolution Recording: Security cameras and DVR's capable of recording at this resolution provide superior images that are 34% larger than D1 and more than 500% larger than CIF.
960H technology
  • Better Image Quality: Recording larger images provides a greater amount of image detail. Images are sharper and it is easier to distinguish objects that are close together.
960H technology
  • True to Life: 960H creates a wide-screen picture that does not need to be stretched to fit wide-screen TV's and monitors.
960H technology
  • Easy to Upgrade: 960H systems use the same BNC video cabling as lower resolution systems. If you already have a security camera system, upgrading to 960H will save you time and money compared with IP camera systems that require rewiring.

What do I need in order to do to take advantage of 960H?

To take advantage of 960H recording, you will need security cameras that are capable of producing 960H images and a security DVR capable of recording at 960H resolution.

I already have a security camera system. Will my old equipment be compatible?

960H security cameras and DVR's are backwards compatible with standard resolution cameras and DVR's. However, both your security cameras and DVR must be 960H capable to get the improved picture quality and performance. 960H cameras will provide a good picture on a standard resolution DVR, but they will perform even better with a system that can support the full image size.

All your existing BNC video cables are compatible with 960H DVR's and security cameras. To upgrade to 960H, simply replace your existing DVR and cameras.

What is the difference between 960H and ProVisual's HD security camera systems?

960H uses the same technology and cabling as traditional security camera systems. It simply uses superior camera image sensors to provide bigger, more detailed images, and more powerful DVR's to record those images. ProVisual's HD security camera systems use HD-SDI technology to transmit digital, un-compressed high definition video over high-grade coaxial cabling, such as RG59. HD-SDI systems employ digital signals to transmit video. This means that they are not compatible with standard definition security cameras, DVR's, or non-coaxial cabling.