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Access Control Systems

ProVisual offers a wide range of integrated IP-based electronic access control (EAC) solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards and access control software. Our models have powerful features and are easy to use and simply manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations.

We also offer a great deal of choice in regards toward this security item as we carry electro magnetic door locks, electric door strikes, card reading devices, keypads, push button, and bio-metric fingerprint machines. Each gives you a different benefit and you should choose the one that will work best for your security system.

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RS-232 & RS-485 Converter to IP Network
Item Id: AC-200TCP
Item Available

Integrated 1 Door Proximity Reader & Keypad System
Item Id: AC-930P
Item Available

ID 125 KHz Thick Proximity EM Access Control Card
Item Id: AC-010
Item Available

EM Proximity Card Reader for Access Control System
Item Id: AC-261R
Item Available

Electro Magnetic L Type Bracket (600 Lbs/280 Kg)
Item Id: AC-322L
Item Available

Single Electro Magnetic Door Lock (600 Lbs/280 Kg)
Item Id: AC-322MA
Item Available

Double Electro Magnetic Door Lock (1200 Lbs/560 Kg)
Item Id: AC-322MA-2
Item Available

Electro Magnetic Bracket (U Type) for 600Lbs Lock
Item Id: AC-322U
Item Available

Electro Magnetic Bracket ZL Type (600 Lbs/280 Kg)
Item Id: AC-322ZL
Item Available