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Better Safe than Sorry

Posted by Provisual on 10/29/2014 to News
The neighborhood I live in is quiet, filled with hardworking homeowners — with one exception. The folks who live directly across the street rent their home. The storm door lacks a screen (or glass in winter) and it hangs crooked on its hinges. The lawn is always weeks overdue for a mow. At night a bright blue glow emerges from the living room. It takes up the entire space. The TV is enormous, way too big for the room, and way too big to be affordable for someone who rents a tiny, disheveled house in my little working class neighborhood.

On Cyber Monday last year, I purchased a treadmill which was delivered to my home while I was at work. When I got home that day, the treadmill was nowhere to be found but the delivery company insisted that it had been delivered. I knocked on every door in the neighborhood, including my questionable neighbors across the street. They were the only ones who wouldn’t come to the door, despite the fact that they were home. I could hear them inside. It raised my suspicion, and quite possibly confirmed it, but without hard evidence, I had no case. All I could do was file a police report only to be told the treadmill would never be recovered. They had no intention of looking for it. They had nothing to go on.

According to other neighbors, the treadmill had been seen leaning big as day against my garage door. How, I wondered, could someone be so brazen as to steal a 200 lb. treadmill in broad daylight? Christmastime is one of the biggest seasons for theft. Packages are often left out on porches, and treadmills and other large items like TVs are stolen and sold for profit.

Had a security camera been installed, I would have been able to catch the culprit red-handed. Don’t take chances. Make the investment and have a security camera installed. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.