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Evaluating a Home or Business Form for Security and System Protection

Posted by ProVisual on 8/12/2014 to News
Many home and business owners, as a result of crime or burglaries in the area, wish to have inspections of their property and subsequent upgrades in their security and system protection properties. This service has expanded as the digital revolution has grown, with increasingly sophisticated devices meant to monitor and protect valuables as well as family and personnel. While typical locksmith inspections can be made and assessed concerning doors and windows, other devices are usually incorporated into home and business security which are additional and upgraded in relation to traditional assessments. What follows is an assessment of what an inspection and subsequent work order should focus on:

A system protection form which assesses certain areas of security and protection such as
  • Control Systems or Panels
  • Reporting of Tampering
  • Remote Stations on Doors or other entrances
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Interior Detection
  • Fire
  • Audibles
  • Other
In addition, such an inspection form can always be used for upgrades or work orders in areas of possible weaknesses or apparent system protection limitations after inspection or evaluation.  Corresponding with the above areas is further elaboration below:

1. General systems which control all applications and devices.
2. The types of media which can be used to notify any agencies for reporting purposes, such as digital communications, radio, line security, direct connect or contact, cellular phones.
3. These stations would include any locks such as keypad with display, keypad with LED, Keypad in general, or a Key switch.
4. Perimeter protection could consist of magnetic contacts, glass breakage, shock/vibration monitors and exterior housing units for detection.
5. Interior detection could consist of PIR motion sensors, photoelectric beams, and microwave types of detection as well as panic/hold-up monitors and accessories.
6. Fire protection consist of any devices such as smoke alarms, pull stations as well as heat sensors.
7. The audibles used in various protection systems ranges from horns, sirens, to flashing neon lights.
8. Other concerns for evaluating and upgrading the home or business system protection, could be access control, supervisory coding and CCTV.  In addition, this area of the form is designated to typical locksmith securities, such as locks, window braces, sliding glass doors, etc.

With these criteria, which is suggested for a System Protection form for inspection and upgrading, the home or business owner will feel secure in having a proper inspection and, if needed, a thorough upgrade to not only protect the valuables within the home or business, but protect the family or personnel within the structure.