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HDMI over Power Line 1080p Video & IR Extender KiT

HDMI over Power Line 1080p Video & IR Extender KiT

Item ID: BA-101HDMI-PL-IR300
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The BA101HDMI-PL-IR300 HDMI is a HDbitT extender, able to extend a HDMI 1080p video/audio/IR up to 300m (960 feet) through the existing wires saving you the hassles of rewiring.

Yes, you are reading right!!! No need rewiring, where there is power line with the BA101HDMI-PL-IR300 plugged, now there is HDMI signal.

This extender over power line also sends IR signal and allows source devices to recognize remote commands at a secondary locationn, is compatible with 100~240V AC and can be used globally.

HDbitT: High-definition digital network transport protocol, compared to traditional technology, it provides better stable performance, image clarity, further transmission distance and other significant advantages, easily to meet the demand for high-definition long-distance transmission without any converter.

This device can be applied for residential used to extend HD video signal on satellite receivers, DVD, DVR, home centers, etc; or also for commercial use in offices, shopping centers, commercial buildings, conference rooms and more.

ProVisual HDMI Extender over Power Line

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