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Home Security Cameras Placement – How to Get More With Less

Posted by ProVisual on 8/4/2014 to News
It would be hard to overstate the importance of home security systems in today’s society. People need to feel safe, especially in turbulent times like the ones we live in. But security systems do better than just making us feel safe – they can deter crime, or if the crime happens, they can help find the person responsible. And security cameras do both.

Placing an outdoor security camera above your front or back door sends a clear message to anyone even thinking about trying to break in that they’re dealing with a home that’s taken security measures, both those that are easily seen, and those that are not.

Security cameras on the inside are not as visible from the outside, and they serve more to gather evidence that to deter. That’s why it’s important to spread them around the house properly, so that they cover possible entry points, important pathways through the house, and rooms where valuables are being kept.

For the entry points, it’s simple enough – you’ll need cameras that will cover both the front door and the back door, if you have one. If you live in a house, you should also have a security camera covering any off-street windows. For these purposes, it’s best to use fixed, narrow lens cameras.

Important pathways in the house go through rooms the potential burglar has to pass through in order to get to the rest of the house. They can be in the living room, or a foyer, depending on the layout of your house or apartment, but whatever the room might be – its entrance should be covered by another narrow lens camera.

And then there are the cameras that look over your valuables. These are especially good for monitoring any construction, cleaning or maintenance crews you hire for remodeling, regular cleaning, or fixing things around the house. For this purpose, hidden cameras like picture frame cameras might be the best choice – they are inconspicuous, and can easily be placed so that they’re able to capture the face of the perpetrator.

With everything covered, you can rest assured that your home security cameras will deter any burglars from breaking in, or if they fail to do that, provide you with valuable evidence that will help the police to catch them. And of course, they will make your home safer.