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PoE Extender over Coaxial or Ethernet Cable

PoE Extender over Coaxial or Ethernet Cable

Item ID: BA101-POE-ET
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This BA101-POE-ET is a Power Over Ethernet extender device, capable to transfer HD video and power signal though coaxial cable up to 500 mts (1600ft), or though network cable up tp 400 mts (1280ft) away.

The solution includes a "SV-Unit" for NVR or POE switch side and an "IP-Unit" for IP camera side. Both units can be powered using the same current from the PoE power supply, or also could use 54V power adapter.

This POE extender is a great solution offered by ProVisual, used to transmit video to long distance (Over coaxial or network cables) in new projects or with existing coax cables installations.

It is plug & play... non setting required.

ProVisual POEExtender over Coaxial and Network Cable

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