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Three Reasons Your Business Needs a CCTV Security System

Posted by Provisual on 7/8/2014 to News

Keeping your business secure today requires the right technology, and if you are still working without cameras, now is a great time to consider installing a closed circuit television (CCTV) security system. This kind of system can offer many benefits to companies of all different sizes and in many different industries. Here are the top reasons you should consider getting one at your facility.

1.Prevent Break-Ins, Theft, and Vandalism

A preventive measure like security cameras can save you a lot of time and hassle if someone does decide to target your building or retail store for a crime. With cameras placed in obvious and easy-to-see locations you can deter crime from happening, or with hidden cameras you can catch would-be intruders and vandals in the act. Even in cases where the thief gets away, a quality CCTV security system can provide valuable information to investigators after the crime. Today’s technology offers several benefits, including high definition images, color, and more so you will get the best possible security from the cameras.

2.Watch for Shrinkage

Often times the largest threat to a retail business is theft from within, otherwise known as employee theft, which is sometimes call “shrinkage.” The average loss from employees stealing from their companies is about 2 percent annually, which adds up to billions of dollars lost at U.S. retailers every year.

Since you can’t be everywhere all the time as the boss, having a CCTV security system can help you monitor employees during their shifts to make sure they aren’t developing “sticky fingers” and taking your merchandise home, or taking advantage of you by abusing perks and discounts.

3.Verify Transactions

Accurate and honest transactions are the center of your business, and ensuring that each one is correct is vital to growing your profits in the future. CCTV security systems can help you verify and monitor employees while they ring up customers, and watch the register to ensure that everything is done appropriately. They can also protect your business if dishonest customers try to lie about purchases or refunds. If you have it all on camera, you can prove exactly what happened during a transaction.

If you are ready to secure your business, consider all the benefits that a customized CCTV security solution might bring to your company.