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What Makes Wide Dynamic Range Cameras Great for Security?

Posted by ProVisual on 10/4/2014 to News

Security cameras come with many different features enabled by the use of many different technologies. Some cameras are programmable, some have lenses that allow them to focus, and some capture wide area of view, while sacrificing details. Still, when it comes to handling the different lighting that may come from the outside, and the inside as well, there’s nothing that can beat a wide dynamic range camera.

Wide dynamic range cameras got their name from the fact that they are able to capture better quality footage when there is a lot of contrast between the darkest parts of the picture, and the lightest parts of the picture. Wide dynamic range cameras generally deal better with issues that arise from filming something when there’s a lot of backlight.

In practice, this means that you can have them monitor the windows, or the front door, and still be able to capture sufficient details of anyone entering the door, or standing against the bright light coming through the windows. With a regular camera, you’d be looking at a silhouette, with very little or even no details, in a situation where a wide dynamic range camera can give you clear facial features. And you can see how handy this could be in a real life situation.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing security camera system, and you want to get better image out of the front door or shop display cameras, be sure to look at the wide dynamic range cameras. You don’t need to have them in every corner of the shop, but you could use them where they would benefit you the most.