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What’s Eating My Pumpkins?

Posted by ProVisual on 9/9/2014 to News

You go out to your garden to check on the pumpkins that you’ve tended to all summer long, only to find all the leaves have been chewed off, and all the flowers needed to produce the fruit are gone. You planted this garden to feed your family healthy, organic, non-GMO produce only to find that you’re feeding the wildlife, too. But you can’t seem to catch them in the act. Some kind of beast has been using your back yard as a dinner table.

You’ve seen a gopher running through the yard as if he’s guilty of something, but the wire fence around the garden should be enough to keep him out. The bunnies seem to be more interested in the crabgrass than the gigantic pumpkin leaves. So what on earth is eating your pumpkins?

You’ve spent time, money, and hard work cultivating your garden, just to have someone or something reap those rewards. You can’t stand and watch at your window for eternity — you have a job and a life. There’s only one way to find out what’s eating your pumpkins: surveillance. Put an end to the pilfering with just one more worthwhile investment.

Motion activated surveillance cameras such as Wide Dynamic Range Cameras, Video DVRs, or even a small hidden camera planted in the vicinity can help you identify the culprit.

Once you figure out what’s getting into your garden, you can use the appropriate means to keep those animals from feeding on your hard-earned and hard-won veggies.