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Wireless Signal Extender Repeater for Alarm System

Wireless Signal Extender Repeater for Alarm System

Item ID: AL2206-EX
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The AL2206-EX is a wireless long distance transmitter to amplify the signal to alarm control panel and it can convert up to 60 pcs detectors signal.

For avoiding interference, it combined with detectors one by one through learn enrollment mode, and only transmit its attached detectors.

It also can convert wireless signal up to 10 km distance through max wireless 15 transmitters, anti-remove alarm function via built-in buzzer, it has own unique wireless address code (9 digit), when on multi-level transmission, it adopts database exchange mode between the levels transmit the signal including itself address code and detector address code to the next transmitter till the final, the other transmitters are not necessary to learn the detector address code except the first transmitter.

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